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Legal Notices and Terms of Use of the Websites and (hereinafter the "Sites"), edited by be.Source, private foundation, whose headquarters are located at 22 Avenue Delleur, 1170 Brussels.

Article 1: Using the Sites

By accessing one or more pages of the Sites, users of the Site (hereinafter "Users") accept to be bound by the terms and conditions of use set forth herein. Only the utilisation for personal purposes is permitted.

Article 2: Access to the Sites' pages

be.Source reserves the right to suspend or discontinue the posting of the Sites without notice and for any reason it deems appropriate, without incurring any liability to the Users.

be.Source also reserves the right to correct, amend or delete, in total or in part, any content from the Sites, and this, at any time and without notice.

By accessing and using the Sites, Users agree to and accept the new conditions of use of the Sites.

Article 3: Intellectual Property

The websites "be.Source" and "Concert des Cœurs" are owned be.Source.

Reproduction of any part of the Sites is strictly prohibited. The logo and brand names "be.Source" and "Concert des Cœurs" are protected and are the exclusive property of be.Source.

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In addition, referencing, consultation or incorporation of this Site by framing (or "i-framing") is prohibited, except with express written consent from be.Source.

Article 4: Sites' Content

The accuracy of the information contained within the pages of the Sites is subject to regular and rigorous control by be.Source, but typographical errors or omissions are not excluded.

be.Source invites Users who see an error to send an email to the contact address "" so that be.Source can correct the inaccuracy. The information contained in the Sites may not, on its own, legally or contractually, bind be.Source that reserves the right to remove, modify or update it at any time, and this without notice.

Article 5: Liability

Users access the Sites on their own responsibility.

be.Source is not liable for any direct or indirect damage resulting from the consultation of the Sites or from the use of the data that are available online. It is the responsibility of the Users to take the necessary measures to ensure that sites or portals through which they access the Sites do not contain computer viruses likely to be detrimental, in anyway whatsoever, to the proper functioning of their computer.

be.Source is not responsible for the content and operation of Internet sites to which the Sites provide a hyperlink. Consequently, operators of such sites remain solely responsible for the content and operation thereof, including the processing of personal data that Users, who accessed such sites, would have placed therein.

Article 6: Protection of personal information

be.Source attaches great importance to the protection of the personal data of Users.

To gain access to the Sites and make use of certain activities related to the Sites (such as making available online information obtained following proper registration and to subscribe or unsubscribe to newsletters), the User is obliged to communicate certain personal data including, for example, surname, name, business address, email address, phone number, an identifier as a user registered with the Site, the matching password, etc.

be.Source acts as controller for the processing of such personal data that are communicated and the processing of this information may be entrusted to processors. be.Source will take the necessary action to ensure the security of these personal data-processing activities. Websites to which Users gain access through the Sites are not regarded as such processors. The personal data provided by the User are utilised, as appropriate, to give the User access to the Sites, to allow the implementation of the activity concerned related to the Sites and to respond to the contacts of this User.

The Sites may use "cookies". Cookies are small computer files that are placed on the hard disk of the User's computer. The cookies placed by the Sites are only intended to carry out or facilitate communication by email or to allow the information company to deliver a service that was specifically requested by the User of the Sites. Cookies installed by the Sites are specifically designed to record the fact that the User has already accepted some prerequisites, is already in contact with the system, has made a choice of language and so forth, so that the User does not have to redo these operations each time.

Users can configure their web browser so that it accepts a cookie or makes it possible to refuse the receipt of a cookie. It can also delete cookies that have been stored. However, the User is informed that when the installation of a cookie is refused, it is possible that some web pages of the Sites are not be displayed correctly or may even be inaccessible and that when the cookies are removed, it may become impossible to repeat certain steps or operations.

Users may freely exercise their legal rights to access and correction by sending a written request, signed and dated, together with a copy of both sides of their identity card, and sent by ordinary mail to the Manager, be.Source, private foundation, - Avenue Delleur 22, B-1170 Brussels. Any User may also object to the processing of their personal data for purposes of direct marketing, by using the above procedure.

Article 7: Dispute Resolution, Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

The conditions of use of the Sites are governed by Belgian law. Any dispute concerning the use of these Sites will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the judicial district of Brussels.

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